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WorkForce now has a new event notification system that will allow you to create custom notifications at a time you set and for specific conditions you require.

This option can be found WorkForce Core > Notifications > Events

Upon pressing Events, the below screen will appear:

For an event to be created, the three tabs: Event Details, Recipients and Trigger Settings must be all populated. The Save button becomes active once all these tabs are populated.

Event Details Tab

Each event, requires a name and a start date (end date is not obligatory)

Recipients Tab

This tab will allow the user to choose who will receive such email notification:

More than one recipient can be added:

By pressing on Add New Recipient, a box will pop up to allow you to add the necessary details:

Two options are available:

Tenants – means basically the company currently logged on (then choosing the wanted users who will receive notification)

Recipient Object Type – Tenants

Tenants – Company currently logged in on.

Recipient Type – Choose between All Admin Users or specific Admin Users:

All Admin users – the notification will be set to all admin users within that module.

Admin users – allows you to choose from the admins (of that specific module) who will receive the email.

Double click on recipients and a drop down with all admins will allow you to choose the emails of the admins who will receive the notification.

Recipient Email Option Type – allows you to send notifications even to persons who are users in the system (in the Custom Email tab).

All Admin users – upon choosing the module from Product Admins, this notification will be sent to all admins for that module chosen.

Trigger Settings Tab

This section allows you to set the day/s and time when the notification email will be sent out automatically.

The trigger type should always be Condition as per above. This means that to trigger the event it needs to meet a certain condition: E.G – Employees on leave today

To add a new condition press on:

And the below will pop up:

And press apply.

The section for the Time Trigger Modifier, stipulates when such a notification will be sent:

The notifications can be set up with various reminder repetitions to choose from, each repetition has its own requirement:

Does Not Repeat:

This allows for two instances, the notification will be sent out only on the date inserted in the Event Details tab, the date can be of today or for a future date, and the notification will be sent out only on that date.


In the below example, start time is 9AM, reminder repetition hourly, Frequency amount is 4. This number 4 represents hours, meaning that if first trigger is at 9AM the following trigger will be at 13.00HRS.


In the daily reminder repetition the interval mean how many days have to pass for the trigger to be fired again. E.G: If in the interval section the number 1 is inserted, this means that from the date of the event details (say is 28/03/2022), the trigger will be fired next on the 30/03/2022.


Select which days in a week the email will be triggered.


Select which days of the month the email will be triggered.


Upon populating all three tabs: Event Details, Recipients and Trigger settings to the necessary requirements press save.