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Data Retention in WorkForce

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WorkForce is designed for you to collect, manage, store and process your important HR data. The data is stored on the system because you would have purchased a valid licence (usually on a per employee per month basis). The Data Retention Service is ONLY available for Payroll, Leave, TimeKeeper and People products..

So what happens to your data if you no longer have a valid licence on the system ?

According to the WorkForce Terms of Service, we will store the data on our systems for a limited amount of time after which we will advise you that the account is marked for deletion. You will have the opportunity to make a backup of your data within a certain time-frame, after which your data on the system will be deleted permanently.

How do I make a backup of my data ?

You can make a backup of your data by generating and downloading the reports, payslips, FS3s, employee details and all other data which you would like to keep for archival purposes. The specific list of reports you need to generate will depend on the products the account was licenced for. You can refer to the following articles for more information:

Can I recover data once it has been deleted ?

No. Once the data has been deleted from the system, there is no way to recover it. We would no longer have the right to store your data since you would no longer be our client. For this reason it is very important that you export all the data and reports that you need, before the account is closed.

What if I want to keep the data on the system just in case I need to reprocess data or issue payslips or reports ?

We offer a data retention service that allows you to retain your data on our system for as long as you wish. The retention service will also allow you to re-process data for the months during which the product was licenced as well as issue any reports for this time as well.

How much does the data retention service cost ?

The data retention fee depends on the amount of data on the system, and is calculated automatically at the point of purchasing the service.

How do I buy the service ?

You buy the service in the same way you would buy any other licence from us. See this article for details. Note that the option to purchase the Data Retention Service only appears if you have no active licences for your account.

Do you have any questions ?

Please feel free to conatct us on if you have any queries.