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Article Bundle: Are you new to WorkForce Timekeeper?

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We have grouped and ordered several articles to help you get started with WorkForce Leave. Should you need assistance, do not hesitate to reach out to our support team.

WorkForce Timekeeper: Setup

  1. Navigate through the software and launch the software modules:
  2. What is the difference between an Employee Number and a Badge ID?:
  3. What are clocking types and overtime types, and how can they be set?:
  4. What are projects and how do I set them up in Timekeeper?:

WorkForce Timekeeper: Device Setup

  1. What is the difference between a Master and a Slave punch clock?:
  2. How do I setup my Biometric Punch Clock (Time & Attendance device)?:
  3. How do I setup Master and Slave punch clocks?:

WorkForce Timekeeper: Device Instructions

  1. How to connect the punch clock and add employees to it:
  2. How to enroll employees’ by adding their fingerprints, face data and/or RFID cards to the punch clock:
  3. How to run a backup/restore process to transfer data from/to my punch clock/s:

WorkForce Timekeeper: Device Inputting

  1. How do Employees use the Remote Clocking feature?
  2. How to insert manual clockings:
  3. What is an Attlog and how do I upload one?:

WorkForce Timekeeper: Data Processing

  1. How to process the data in Timekeeper once clockings have been made:
  2. How does Leave taken appear in the Approvals section?:
  3. How to manage breaks for employees who are set as working Flexible Hours:
  4. How to troubleshoot clockings and clocking errors on my approvals screens:
  5. How to unapprove days that have already been approved:
  6. How to send approved working hours and overtime to the Payroll module:

WorkForce Timekeeper: Reporting

  1. Extracting reports from WorkForce:

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