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Article Bundle: Are you new to WorkForce Leave?

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We have grouped and ordered several articles to help you get started with WorkForce Leave. Should you need assistance, feel free to check out our Leave FAQs, and do not hesitate to reach out to our support team.

WorkForce Leave: Setup

  1. Create employees for WorkForce Leave:
  2. Provide access to your account for the Leave Module:
  3. Navigate through the software and launch the software modules:
  4. Start off the year and provide leave entitlements to employees:
  5. Provide custom leave entitlements to some employees:
  6. Set stop leave periods throughout the year:
  7. Set team request limits:
  8. What information can an administrator or approve see, and what can they do on the Leave Dashboard?:

WorkForce Leave: Processing

  1. Request leave on behalf of an employee:
  2. Administer leave in bulk for multiple employees:
  3. Approve leave requests:
  4. Close off the year and carry forward or pay employees (if using WorkForce Payroll) for additional leave:

WorkForce Leave: Reporting

  1. Extracting reports from WorkForce:

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