WorkForce Mobile App – FAQs

Q: Where can the app be download from?

A: The app is currently on Google Play and can be downloaded from HERE.

Q: Which username & password should employees use to login?

A: The same username and password that employees would use to login to WorkForce. If they do not have a username or password, they should contact your system administrator to set up a user account for them. It is important to note that for any functions to appear, your employees’ user accounts need to be linked to an employee. Additionally, the employee needs to be linked to the product modules accordingly.

Q: Is the app free?

A: Yes, the app is free to download and use for users who already have a licenced account on WorkForce. The app may contain some premium features which may require a separate licences in the future.

Q: What can an employee do with the app?

A: The current version of the app allows employees to:

  • See information relating to their profile
  • View Payslips and FS3s
  • Punch In or Out (Both when online or offline)
  • View previous clockings made
  • Apply for Leave
  • View Leave Entitlements and Requests
  • View Approved Leave Requests made with their team.

Q: What can an supervisors do with the app?

A: The current version of the app allows supervisors to approve Leave Requests made by employees.

The app is available on Google Play as a companion app for WorkForce Payroll, Leave and TimeKeeper. By clicking on the link above or by searching for ‘DataByte WorkForce’ on Google Play from your device, you will be able to download the app.

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