DataByte WorkForce is a fully-featured, cloud-based and modular HR solution that was built to make HR teams happy and productive, whilst providing an unmatched level of service to the employee.

With 6 Fully Integrated HR Software modules that provide a productive and seamless experience for Human Resources and Management teams

Here are some of the features that our clients love about WorkForce

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In the Cloud

The system can be accessed from any internet-enabled device with a web browser, by any authorised users, at any time of day.

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Fully Integrated

Our system shares data between the modules so that you do not need to export and import data, allowing for a better experience and relevant reporting.

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Employee Portal

A central location that allows employees to download information that is relevant to them, whilst being able to interact with the system.

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Audit Log

Logging every change made within the system allows for full transparency and for all users to be accountable for their work.

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Mobile App for Android

Providing users with access to the essentials on the go: Remote Clocking, Leave Requests & Approvals, Payslips, FS3s and more.

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A centralised reporting system that is always accessible, and can run reports in the background whilst you work on other things.